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Skincare 101: Hyaluronic Acid: What is it, how does it work, how to use it?

Skincare 101: Hyaluronic Acid: What is it, how does it work, how to use it?

Skincare is a huge passion for me. I have spent a long time trying to understand the science behind it and perfect my routine. Naturally, I still have a long way to go, but I like to start with the basics. There are a lot of buzzwords that fly around in the beauty industry and sometimes it can feel difficult to keep up with what works and what is just bollocks.

What is it?

In short; hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in connective tissue, mostly in the skin. It’s main use in skincare is for moisture as one molecule can hold up to 1000 it’s weight in water. So when you use it in skincare, it will hold that moisture to the skin, making it appear plumper and more hydrated. As you age, you produce less of it.

How does it work?

It’s often used in dermal fillers to plump the skin. In skincare, it will draw water to the skin to make it more hydrated – which in turn will help with the appearance of fine lines. The molecules are too big to actually penetrate your skin, but there are nanotechnology things happening with it. It just means it acts as a moisturiser and stays very much on the surface.

How to use it?

It usually comes in serums (like this one from The Ordinary). Luckily, it suits all skin types and can be used in multiple different products. As a serum, it can be used after cleansing before moisturiser. It’s a water-based solution, so always apply before oils or oil-based products. It can be used morning or night, but is especially good in the morning to help retain surface moisture.

Sometimes it’s called HA, and you can actually make your own serum but I ain’t the guy to talk to about that.

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