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An adventure in new products

An adventure in new products

Last month, I used up a phenomenal amount of stuff. It was satisfying and lovely, but then there was .a massive void – in that I didn’t have any moisturiser or concealer or body lotion any more.

But I’ve made an effort to shop my stash rather than buying a bunch of new stuff, so my “new” products are perhaps a little tested out, swatched or half-used and left until summer rolls back around. It’s given me a little bit of time to test them out and see what’s up though.

Wander Beauty Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick – This is hella full coverage if you let it be. A little goes a long way and I am really enjoying the convenience of a stick and the control it gives you on the amount of product you use. I do a few stripes down my cheeks and blend out – the finish is beautifully natural. Although would recommend a setting powder if you’re oily.

Glossier Boy Brow – I think this is it for me in terms of brow gel. It lives up to the hype. It gives a decent tint, adds a bit of oomph and that natural model fluffiness that makes casual makeup days so easy and serious makeup days seem really groomed.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer – I like this, it’s a nice product, but I have dry skin that needs to be drenched, and this isn’t quite hitting the mark. It’s a nice light formula and seems to go on nicely before makeup but I think it’s worth giving the rich version a go if you’re a desert like me.

H&M Beauty Concealer Trio – This cost me £1 in their sale which is preposterous, and is the first of H&M beauty I have tried. It seems pretty nice so far, relatively creamy and a nice mix of three shades: one peach toned, one more yellow toned and one a more tan colour, so it’s easy to customise the shades.

RMS Beauty Un-cover up concealer – This shade is literally 000. It is way too light, even for me, but is a nice creamy formula. The packaging on this brand is great – little glass jars and metal lids.  I like it, but it takes a lot of toning down – so be warned, the shades may come paler than they appear.

The Ordinary Plant Derived Squalene – Squalene is a ridiculous name, and I will do a whole post about what it is soon too. In basic terms, it’s a hydrating oil. I’m enjoying it so far, it’s a lot more oily on the skin (ie. less of a dry oil) than some others but it seems to be giving a bit more of a moisture punch.

Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream –  I bought this in the Aldi skincare hype. I actually like this a lot more than the Caviar cream that everyone raves about. It’s a super rich night cream which feels like it’s really moisturising and that is everything I want in a night cream.

Lush Charity Pot hand and body lotion – This smells very subtly of roses to me although it contains ylang ylang and moringa oil. It’s a super rich cream that sinks in pretty quickly. It’s really lovely, and they donate the price to a grassroots charity advertised on the lid, so that you can choose who to support.

That’s it. What’re you trying?

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