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A beauty purge

A beauty purge

I love clearing things out. I will do it with everything, from my clothes to pots and pans. But it’s only recently that I’ve been really purging my makeup and skincare. I keep my whole makeup collection in a little set of bathroom drawers that have followed me across the country from when I was about 16. What I want to get to is 1 little drawer (or box or bag) that holds my absolute ride or die products that I swear by and only replace when they run out. My professional kit is still growing bigger all the time and constantly changing, but a minimalist little personal edit of makeup really appeals to me now.

The way I do makeup has completely changed from when I was younger. I’m a lot more focused on skincare now than a smokey eye.

So here are some of the empties that I’m sorry to see go:


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is a beautiful gel-to-balm consistency that smells like geraniums and takes off makeup amazingly well. This is a repeat purchase and I am sure I will see it again soon. It also lasts a really long time.

Topshop Eye Crayon in Marble doesn’t exist anymore. I have had it for years and it’s a glorious product that I’ve been reluctant to use up because I knew I couldn’t get it. Affordable and the single best inner corner highlight shade that I have found.

Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil is a relatively new find that was given to me as a gift. It smells divine and is a heavy oil-serum texture that makes hair glossy and smooth. A little bit really goes a long way.

And to keep the balance, here’s some that I really wasn’t impressed by:

L’Oreal La Palette Nude is just very average when there’s so many eyeshadow palettes on the market. Better off going for Makeup Revolution’s offerings – better value for money and arguably better quality.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara is maybe the smudgiest mascara I have ever tried. The brand on the whole really tears me – there are some nice products but a lot of it is just too mediocre for the price tag. It just feels like you’re paying for packaging.

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Volume mascara is a ridiculous name and a very sub-par product in my opinion. The texture is far too dry and it just doesn’t do all that is promised in that name.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser seems to have passed me by a little bit. There was a LOT of hype for this and it’s a nice texture but it doesn’t actually seem to have any skincare benefits (the brand is quite secretive about ingredients which isn’t that reassuring) and isn’t that great at getting makeup off. I failed to see the point of it really.

Have you tired any of these products? What do you think?

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